Zowie EC2-A – review

zowie ec2-a review

The world of professional gaming could not exist without special computer equipment that was created for players around the world. Of course, the requirements for gaming accessories depend on many factors. In the case of FPS games, special attention should be paid to the computer mouse, as it is responsible for the most important functions during the game.

Here is an example of mice produced by BenQ, but sold under the brand name Zowie. Zowie gaming mice are often indicated as accessories designed for the most demanding players. The Zowie EC2-A model is very popular. Is the quality and usability of this mouse proportional to its price? Does Zowie EC2-A deserve a recommendation?

The way of execution and parameters

Gaming equipment experts are well aware of the fact that players’ accessories are often designed in a very innovative way. The effect of such a plan is sometimes even the futuristic look of the devices created. Therefore, the first contact with Zowie mice can be surprising, because they have a very modest and minimalistic design. This is no different in the case of the Zowie EC2-A model. The mouse is equipped with only the five most important buttons, and the user does not have to install any additional software on the computer. Lack of individual drivers may disappoint many players, although the Plug and Play solution fits perfectly with the Zowie brand philosophy.

The Zowie EC2-A mouse is less than 13 centimeters long, 7 centimeters wide and weighs about 100 grams. Players can, of course, set the mouse sensitivity (400, 800, 1600 or 3200 DPI) independently. The latest optical sensor ensures smooth cursor operation and instant response time. Also, a two-meter USB cable guarantees a comfortable connection of the mouse.

Regarding the EC2-A Zowie design itself, it was, of course, profiled adequately to the needs of right-handed players. It is worth mentioning the use of an entirely new material on the sides of the mouse, which significantly improved the quality of the device’s grip. Many players also pay attention to the work of sliders, which provide an excellent slip of the mouse.

The revolutionary practice used in the production of Zowie mice is to consult with professional players. In this way, designers can better match the created accessories to the needs of their customers. No wonder that Zowie EC2-A is a product offering the absolute highest quality and efficiency.

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The advantages of the Zowie EC2-A mouse:

  • Quality – virtually every element of the mouse was made with great care and precision, thanks to which the Zowie EC2-A is undoubtedly a premium class device.
  • The comfort of use – perfect profiling of the mouse in conjunction with its handy dimensions makes the game much more comfortable.
  • Reliability – enormous dynamics characterize FPS games. Even fractions of seconds can decide on the final victory or defeat in them. Therefore, players will probably appreciate the excellent work of sliders and the sensitive optical sensor that was used in the Zowie EC2-A model.
  • Design – the only debatable issue. Some users can praise visual minimalism, while others will notice that the Zowie EC2-A stands out in this respect from the competition.

The disadvantages of the mouse Zowie EC2-A:

  • The price – the availability of gaming accessories is getting bigger so that the costs of individual products are not so high. However, the purchase of the Zowie EC2-A mouse is still a significant expense, as its value is about $60.
  • No additional drivers and visual improvements.

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